• Spanndecken & Wände Lösungen
    Solutions plafonds & murs Design: Ann Gryp

    Spanndecken & Wände Lösungen

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  • Licht & Leuchte Lösungen
    Solutions lumière et luminaires Arch.: Zaha Hadid

    Licht & Leuchte Lösungen

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  • Form 3D & Messestand Lösungen
    Solutions formes et formes 3D Design: LAVA

    Form 3D & Messestand Lösungen

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  • Akustische Losüngen
    Solution acoustique et design Arch.: Snohetta

    Akustische Losüngen

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  • Bedruckte Lösungen Print your mind© & Editions Barrisol©
    Solutions plafonds & murs Design: Barrisol

    Bedruckte Lösungen Print your mind© & Editions Barrisol©

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  • Mirror Lösungen
    Solutions Miroir Design: Barrisol

    Mirror Lösungen

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  • Artolis©
    Solutions formes et formes 3D Design: Barrisol


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  • Für mein Haus
    Pour ma maison Design: Déco Design PLafond

    Für mein Haus

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Neue Produkte

  • Arcolis by Barrisol®

    BARRISOL® launches acoustic panels Arcolis®, a wide range of acoustic panels and baffles, to suspend or hang ...


    Verwandeln Sie Holz in einen flexiblen und leichten, akustischen und leuchtenden Stoff, der sich allen Formen anpassen lässt... 


    Die Ersetzung eines schweren Baustoffs wie Tonziegel oder Stein durch einen leichten und innovativen Bezug stellt eine Revolution in der Innenarchitektur dar !


    Die BARRISOL®-Decken und Artolis®- Wände werden dank Digitaldruck, der inzwischen Bestandteil des BARRISOL®- Know-how geworden ist, mit Millionen Farben bedruckt.


    MICROSORBER® by Barrisol® is an innovative sound comfort optimizer reducing sound reflexion thanks to the use of a micro perforated foil.

Veranstaltung / Aktualität

Chantal Thomass and Barrisol in the MISE (Museum of printed fabrics)

After having visited our showroom some time ago, the impertinent Chantal Thomass shows off her know-how at the Musée d’Impression sur Etoffes (Museum of Printing Fabrics) in Mulhouse.

Barrisol wins the Janus of Industry

Barrisol has also been granted by the prestigious Janus of the Industry delivered by the National Institute of Design that honours the most innovative projects

Alsace Innovation Trophy 2015

Representing BARRISOL® NORMALU SAS, its President Jean Marc Scherrer  was awarded the trophy for Excellence industry sector in building and sustainable materials  during a ceremony organized by Alsace Innovation.

Barrisol, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant - Living Heritage

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Barrisol received the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label, state label issued by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry and, in fact, values knowledge -make excellence of our teams nationally and internationally.

Barrisol Showroom Opening

This 250 sqm privileged space is entirely dedicated to the Barrisol® Universe. In a very Deco and design spirit, the world leader in stretched ceilings came to present their latest innovations...

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